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Mica insulated heaters are constructed of nickel-chrome resistance wire wound uniformly around the mica winding card and insulated by select quality mica either natural Muscovite or Heat Resistant Paper Micanite, for a maximum operating temperature of 550 C.  The main function of mica for the above applications is to support and separate heating elements and nickel-chrome resistance wire. To ensure trouble free operations, the resistance ribbon joints and terminals are either spot welded or riveted as and where required. Nickel plated eyelets are used as & where needed.

Mica insulated heaters offer a cost-effective approach for all types of heating applications because the mica construction provides for an extremely rugged heater with thermal efficiency of over 87%.

The low mass of the mica-insulated heater allows rapid heat-up and cool down thus respond rapidly to control and operate at high efficiency. The heat generated by the element in a mica-insulated heater is spread over a larger surface area which by lowering element temperature therefore gives longer lifetime of element.

Tough designs and manufactures custom mica insulated heaters with greater design flexibility. Requirements for size, wattage and voltage specifications can be precisely met with a custom designed heater. Tough has a proven track record of excellent customer service and on-time delivery.

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