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Punched Parts

Capacitor Plates: Mica films of superior grade, split and gauged to a specified range of thickness, are used in the manufacture of silvered mica plates and mica capacitors. 

Target and Mosaic Mica:  Superior quality mica films, optically flat, free from scratches, finger prints and other imperfections, having uniform color are used as target and mosaic mica in image orthicons in telecasting industry.

Communication Devices: High quality muscovite discs and sheets coated with gold or silver patterns are used in communication devices as conductor support bar.

Marker Dials: Superior quality mica discs are used withstands sudden shocks, strains and vibrations, weathering effects and changes as marker dial for navigational compasses in ships, submarines and airplanes.

Sand Castings:  Fabricated Mica parts multiple holes are used as mica strainers in brass, bronze, aluminum sand castings and some smaller ferrous castings. They act as a choked and strainer during pours and helps eliminate getting dross or contaminated.

Diaphragms: Due to flatness and rigidity mica sheets, discs of superior quality are used as diaphragms for oxygen breathing equipment.

Microscope Research Mica: High Quality & scratch free Natural Mica is cut to fit microscope slides.  This mica peels off very thin and uniform layers, exposing "virgin" mica upon each peeling.


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