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Window Plates

Microwave Tube Windows: Clear mica sheet, absolutely flat, free from scratches, fingerprints and partial layers are used as microwave tube windows. Mica serves as a transparent path for microwave transmission attenuators. The excellent mechanical strength of mica to withstand pressure up to 25000 PSI, machine ability and low power loss at ultra-high frequencies are some of the attributes which necessitates use of mica for this application. Besides, mica can readily be assembled to the metal by applying low temperature methods and still provide a vacuum tight seal. Hermetic seals between mica and metal generally are accomplished by using a soft-sealing or solder glass.

Stove Windows: Mica is used as viewing windows for wood stoves and other fuel burning stoves.

Mica is used as thermal shield for Anthracite gas or kerosene stove (Aladdin stove), Isinglass furnace peephole, heat screen, metallurgical furnace and kiln, canopy, shield, smoke helmet, driver helmet, gas analysis of polarized light, etc.

Radiation Insulation: Practically all the important properties of organic insulation are subject to drastic changes under irradiation. Natural mica, being a mineral and inorganic, undergoes far less drastic effects. Superior quality sheet mica is used as window covers in radiation pyrometers and thermal regulators.

Television: Optically transparent, scratch free sheet mica of superior quality is used as retardation plates of helium-neon lasers and iconoscope screens of televisions, as well as, reflectors and quarter wave plates in optical instruments.


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