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Mica Flakes

Selected quality Mica Scrap is crushed and reproduced into flakes in Hammer Mill. It is screened and packed in different mesh sizes as per requirement.




6 Mesh: Acts as mud additive in Oil well.

10 Mesh: Acts as flocking material and provides glittering effects. Mainly used in Christmas ornaments, display materials, artificial snow.

16 Mesh: Provides thermal insulation and decorative finish. Mainly used in concrete and stone bricks.

20 Mesh: Prevents sticking and improves weather proofing. As an asbestos substitute. Mainly used an Asphalt roofing, felt & shingles.

30 Mesh: Acts as disinfectant in explosives and absorbent in automotive break shoes.

Calcined Flakes

Calcined Mica Flake is produced by grinding Mica Scrap properly cleaned by removing all types of foreign particles there after Calcining the raw material in a Rotary Kiln to out gas inter laminar water completely. They exhibit much superior properties than normal flakes.

They are tough and inert to most of the chemicals and thermal conditions while retaining elasticity and slipperiness far superior to conventional ground minerals or rocks.


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