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Properties of Mica Powder

Ground Mica has typical characteristics for various applications:

  • Highly responsive to the action of light, heat, electricity, water & other chemicals.

  • Transmits and reflects light to produce decorative effects and also prevents penetration of sun rays, moisture, heat & gases etc. on the surface it is coated with.

  • Produces stiffening effect on calendared sheets.

  • Have very high lubricating values.

  • Produces leafing effect in liquids due to low specific gravity and as such remains uniformly disperse over the surface of liquid vehicles.

  • Have excellent dielectric and thermal insulation properties due to inherent properties of natural mica.

  • Has very little abrasive effect and can easily get wetted by resin and dyes.

  • Has excellent anti-sticking properties and as such, during vulcanization it prevents sticking and movement of sulfur, at the same time, it permits the air bubbles to escape.

  • Has re-enforcing and strengthening effect in the products with which it is mixed, hence prevents rupturing and improves adherence.


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