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Appliance Heater

Mica heating elements are assembled from natural fabricated mica former or Reconstituted Heater Plates suitable for all types of domestic and Industrial Appliances. They provide excellent heat, thermal & flame insulation properties. Patterns and dimensions are precisely customized as per customer's drawings.

Paper Micanite  

  • Magnetic or Non Magnetic Resistance Wire.

  • Paper Micanite Heater Laminate Former.

Mica Blocks  

  • Magnetic or Non Magnetic Resistance Wire.

  • Ruby Mica Block Former.

Mica Heating elements are the best selections for long lasting and most hygienic components used for Domestic appliances as:

  • Flat Iron

  • Bread Toaster

  • Electric Kettle

  • Pop Corner

  • Milk Warmer

  • Electric Oven

  • Hair Driers

  • Hot Plates

  • Hot Air Blower

  • Coffee Percolator

  • Rice Cooker

All Mica heaters are customized as per customerís drawings to meet their specifications precisely.


Declaimer Statement

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