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Flexible Heater

A fine gauge resistance wire is spiraled around a core produced with mica and fiberglass combination bonded with high temperature resisting silicone resin. The element is placed in a specifically designed pattern of Glass Fabric & Mica Paper combination plates and optionally vulcanized to a silicone rubber substrate. Advantages versus etched foil elements are:

  • Physical strength

  • Flexibility

  • Smaller production quantity

  • Conforms well to small radius bends

  • Larger possible sizes

The Heaters are rugged, moisture and chemically resistant and are easily bonded or cemented to heat sinks or other parts to be heated. Temperatures up to 300C and up to 20 watts per square inch are easily accommodated. The thin profile transfers heat quickly because the actual resistance element is so close to the heated part. These Heaters can be insulated with silicone sponge rubber bonded to one side. Another way to lower radiated and convected heat losses is to apply an aluminized surface to the heater back.

These heaters are particularly suited to critical oval, elliptical or round shape heating areas where several opening and closing takes place during operation cycle like Mug Transfer Presses.

We can produce and assemble the complete heater assembly with spring steel support sheaths and other hardware as per drawings and specifications required in application.


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