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Open Coil Heater

An air heater with an open-coil element maximizes the exposure of the element to the air. This increases the efficiency of heat exchange. Response times are very fast, providing for rapid heat up and cool down times. You get the exact heater you need - not a compromise

These heaters are easy-to-install and mount directly to square axial fans, using the same mounting holes as for the fan itself. These air heaters utilize multi-purpose mounting brackets to attach directly to the exhaust of a cross flow blower without the need for additional accessories. These heaters mount directly to square axial fans, using the same mounting holes as for the fan.

These standard heaters are available in several sizes, a broad range of wattages, and with custom features. They are ideal for a wide range of drying, curing and warming applications typically found in film processing, lab and medical instruments.

These cross flow blower heaters may be tailored to meet your specific heating requirements. Size, wattage, and voltage may be matched to your specifications for optimal system performance.

The open-coil element has an extremely fast response time and efficiently transfers heat to the moving air. Wattage and voltages are easily changed to meet your specifications.

Our experienced engineers can begin involvement at any stage of development. We'll assist with design approaches, supply prototype samples, and offer cost-reduction suggestions.


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