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The following guidelines are observed during handling and storage:

  • Keep away from moisture and dust and should be stored in cool and dark place avoiding direct sunlight.

  • Remaining unused portion of the material should be covered with a moisture proof paper or store them at cool & dry place.

  • Put attention to the number of piles stacked up when handling plates or sheets. Stacking too high on pile may cause adherent problems.

  • Do not handle with wet or oil stained hands which may cause adverse effect on the electrical insulating properties.

  • The products which contain scarce bonding resin. Properties will be damaged particularly by moisture absorption. Care must be taken to avoid contact for even a short period of time ay extreme and high humid conditions.

  • The processed product by cutting or punching tends to absorb moisture more actively particularly at the edges. They should be kept in a Plastic bags or equivalent.

  • As and when solvent is used for softening the Mica products, care must be taken against fire hazards and the remaining products must be kept in a seal tight condition.


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