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Processed Parts
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Fabricated Parts

The term FABRICATION applies to various processes, such as cuttings, stamping and punching of natural sheet mica, Mica Composite Sheets or Mica Laminates to a specified size, shape, thickness and design within close dimensional tolerances for electrical and electronic end-uses.

Crimped Sheets

Crimped Mica are prepared from mica films in specific size and thickness and passed through a specially designed rolling machine to form vertical, horizontal or diagonal corrugated ribs. The rollers are designed to perform crimping very smoothly to precise dimensions without pilling or cracking mica sheets.

Mica Shields & Gaskets

Shields are made of the highest quality muscovite natural mica, cut and punched to accurate specified dimensions and thickness, having very high degree of thru vision transparency.
Suitable for:

  • Water Level Gauges 

  • Liquid Level Gauges 

  • Columns of High Pressure Steam Boilers

Formed Parts

We reproduce formed and machined parts from Mica Composites or Mica Laminates  in any shape or size Customized to specific drawings.

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