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Mica Scrap

Mines Scrap

Scrap mica obtained in course of Cobbing, rifting and dressing crude mica as extracted from the mine, by means of a sickle, as well as, recovered by means of hammer-crushing cross-grained mica, which cannot be used as sheet mica for commercial purposes, is classified as mine scrap. It is screened as per customerís specifications for required sieve openings and supplied. Mine scrap is clean, dry, hard, and free from mineral and non-mineral impurities. It is a by-product of mining, trimming, and fabricating sheet mica. They used for reproducing Mica Paper and Ground Mica.

Factory Scrap

Scrap mica or mica cuttings obtained in course of trimming and dressing sheet mica in the factory by sharp knife, as well as recovered during cutting and stamping sheet mica into pieces of definite size and shape by sear and punch is classified as factory scrap or cuttings.


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