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You can download our electronic catalogue in PDF format from here. Please click the file of your choice which will be opened by Acrobat Reader, and save the same to the directory of your choice.

File Name


File Size

About Mica

All about Mica

158 KB

Processed Mica

All about Processed Mica and Products.

93 KB

Fabricated Mica

All about Fabricated Mica and Products.

99 KB

Grinded Mica

All about Grinded Mica and Products.

110 KB

Splitting Micanite

All about Splitting Micanite and Products.

86 KB

Paper Micanite

All about Paper Micanite and Products

168 KB

Heating Elements

All about Heating Elements and Products.

111 KB


Our Complete Product Information.

702 KB


Declaimer Statement

Technical Data, Properties and specifications related to products described or mentioned are based on practical experience and should be used as guidelines only. We are not responsible for any loss or damage.

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