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Natural Mica
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Mica ore coming out of mines are in crude form contaminated with various foreign materials; hence for commercial purposes it is processed and classified in different forms on the basis of Size, Thickness and Quality as follows:

The standard grading system for all full-trimmed muscovite mica is based on the minimum usable rectangle (usable area) that may be cut from the specimen.

Mica Blocks

Knife dressed sheet mica of a minimum thickness of 0.18 mm (0.007 Inch), is called Block mica and of thickness between 0.05 up to 0.18 mm (0.007 to 0.030 Inch), is called thin mica. They are available both in random and calibrated thickness as per requirement.

Mica Films

Scissor dressed sheet mica split from superior quality block mica to required range of thickness between 0.2 up to 0.18 mm (O.0008 up to O.007 Inch) is called Mica Film. 

Precisely calibrated thickness, clean cut edges without fraying or splitting, flawlessness and free from stains, spots, dots, impurities, cracks, buckles, pinholes, etc. are some of the essential points observed in the manufacture of film mica.

Mica Splittings

Laminae split from inferior quality Mica Blocks, in thickness of ten sheets, of which taken together does not exceed 0.30 mm (0.012 Inch), is called splitting mica. Splitting mica chiefly used in the manufacture of built-up mica or Micanite products as raw materiel for ultimate use as an Insulating material.

Mica Scrap

Scrap mica obtained in course of Cobbing, rifting and dressing crude mica as extracted from the mine, by means of a sickle, as well as, recovered by means of hammer-crushing cross-grained mica, which cannot be used as sheet mica for commercial purposes, is classified as Mica Scrap.

Mica Flakes & Powder

Grinding of Mica Scrap properly cleaned by removing all types of foreign particles produces Mica Flakes & Powder. They are further screened or classified to various granulation sizes. They are tough and inert to most of the chemicals and thermal conditions while retaining elasticity and slipperiness far superior to conventional ground minerals or rocks.

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